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Art Show and Silent Auction a Great Success!

Hillary Howard did a magnificent job emceing Pain Connection's event at The Dennis & Phillip Ratner Museum held on Sunday, May 7, 2006. Members, their families and friends exhibited and sold their works which included paintings, photography, jewelry, woodwork, pottery, and handicrafts. The museum's collection was also viewed. Jeff Binkes played the piano beautifully and there was plenty to eat and drink. Senator Brian Feldman spoke and expressed his interest in our cause. The proceeds of the Silent Auction and a percentage of the artists' work sold will benefit Pain Connection programs. The exhibit could not have been put together without the help from our devoted volunteers! Thank you to all the guests who attended and supported our event, to those who sent in contributions and to the Ratners.

Art Show Participant's Response

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate in your fundraising event for Pain Connection. It was especially meaningful for me because it was the first event I have been involved with for over four years. I have been a chronic pain sufferer for that long and it certainly gave me a boost. I haven't been active for so long and I wasn't confident that I could see it through, but I kept telling myself I could and I did. I enjoyed showing my jewelry and speaking with everyone stopping by my table. I even sold a couple of pieces. I wish I could have had more pieces available to show. Thank you for the opportunity."

Myra Scheer

Thank You Artists!

Mary Anne Reilly, Jon Greenberg, Claudia Elvery, Keith Phillips, Geoffrey Manifold, Mary Lou Manifold, Kent Mason, Daniel Herman, Myra Scheer, Fran Huber, Felissa Federman, Rita Elsner and Jean Shollenberger.

Mission Statement

There are seventy five million Americans suffering from chronic pain who are not receiving the treatment they need. Many fall between the cracks in their own private health insurance, workman's compensation, and disability benefits. Others are helpless because of a lack of insurance.

Pain Connection® is a 501(c)(3) not for profit human health service agency that provides monthly support groups, information and referrals, community outreach and education, website and newsletter. Pain Connection plans to establish an outreach center which will provide counseling, support groups and seminars, 24 hour hotline, library with Internet access, training program, case management, advocacy, and transportation for people suffering from chronic pain. These services will improve the quality of life, offer a chance for rehabilitation, decrease the sense of isolation this population experiences and enable the chronic pain sufferer to take control of his/her condition and treatment and maintain independence.


Summer/Fall 2006

Thank you Volunteers!

Hillary Howard, Jeff Binkes, Geoffrey Manifold, Ellen Weiss, Eileen Zagone, Malcolm Herman, Daniel Herman, Mary French, Paula Mintzies, Michael Manifold, Rosemary McGowan and friends, Yannon Zing, Betty Spiro and Fran Hester.

Thank you to the Silent Auction Donors!

  • Whitetail Ski Resort
  • Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Center
  • FONZ
  • Strathmore Concert Hall
  • BDs Mongolian BBQ
  • As Kindred Spirits
  • Flagship Carwash
  • Round House Theatre
  • Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Watermark Harbor Queen Cruise
  • OlneyTheatre Center
  • Liberty Mountain
  • Mamma Lucia Restaurant
  • DC United
  • Marrakesh Restaurant
  • Alphagraphics
  • Friday's
  • Costco Price Club
Mary Anne Reilly
Gerald Holtz
Eileen Zagone
Jon Greenberg
Betty Spiro
Jackie Huber
Claudia Elvery
Keith Phillips
Ed Moot
Kent Mason
Daniel Herman
Geoffrey Manifold
Mary Lou Manifold
Jean Shollenberg
Sharon Hellman
Barbara Berman
Linda Girdner
Rita Elsner
Felissa Federman
Nancy Nesvet
Myra Scheer


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