Interns Reach Out to the Universities at Shady Grove

Ornella, Kristen and myself set up a Pain Connection table in the Universities at Shady Grove Café to promote Pain Connection’s services and to raise awareness of the barriers surrounding chronic pain management.  We also wanted to gain a better understanding of the best media outlet to reach out to individuals. Everyone that came up to the table filled out a quick online survey that Kristen had developed. (more…)

Chronic Pain: A Family Problem

Chronic pain does not only impact the individual, but also the family. Chronic pain is a stressor on the family. Each member suffers from the emotional stress of not being able to relieve the pain. Chronic pain is my family’s problem.

My father, who suffers from an autoimmune disease called Lupus, often goes from remission to flares up sporadically. When he is in remission, he has no symptoms and loves to go running. Yet when he has a flare up, he is tired and in constant pain. Unfortunately, last month he had a severe lupus flare that had caused fluid buildup around his heart and his kidneys had begun to fail. Nobody knows why the flare occurred, but many have theories of side effects from medications, stress, a cold or the flu. However, those theories did not matter because my father was unconscious and nobody knew when he would regain consciousness. (more…)

My Journey Down Chronic Pain

As a public health science major I hear the term chronic illness on a daily basis.  Chronic pain however, is new to me, which is strange considering I now know that 100 million of U.S adults alone suffer from chronic pain.  Why is chronic pain not being discussed as it should be?  What barriers are preventing chronic pain from getting the recognition is deserves?  What is it like to live with chronic pain? (more…)